Passenger Car Servicing

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Passenger Car Servicing

2wd and 4wd 


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LOG BOOK Service

Carry out Log Book service as per manufacturers Recommendations. Change engine oil & filter. Change/or clean engine air filter. Change/or clean cabin filter. Inspect/replace all components as per manufacturers service schedules. Check/adjust brakes. Inflate/rotate/inspect tyres. Download OBDII codes. Test drive & report any issues.

Log Book Service
Custom Service
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Custom Service

This type of service can include the any of the following:

Repair any previously reported items.

Change driveline oils, coolant and brake/clutch fluid if required.

Inspect and diagnose & repair any problems as described by client.

Change brake pads, machine or replace disc rotors as required.

Perform computer diagnostics, report & repair issue.


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General Service

Basic service, which includes changing engine oil and filter. Clean/change air filter. Check all components. Inspect/inflate tyres. Test drive vehicle, and report any issues.

General Servicing