Damien started his passion for all things mechanical as a young boy growing up in rural Queensland. His father, a self-employed diesel & machinery mechanic with unique talents for hydraulic & electrical diagnostics, allowed Damien full access to his workshop from an early age, thus developing his interest in all fields of mechanical design & construction techniques.

Damien finished high school & completed his first trade as a master cabinet maker, creating beautiful works for international clients. This is where his metal machining passion grew & was soon put in charge of creating secret compartments and locking mechanisms required for these pieces.

A new business started to grow in designing, repair & fabrication of various machines. Damien completed his mechanical trade qualifications & opened a new workshop, which would now include all vehicle mechanical repairs & servicing. In 2003 he began designing & building unique offroad competition components, exporting handbuilt components to customers all around the world.

2008 saw Damien re-discover one of his earliest passions, motorbike design & building. This area of the business now encompasses bike servicing right through to commissioned builds of custom & bespoke motorcycles.